Sunday, September 19, 2010

Second Life Talented, Spooky and a Musical Postscript

OK Ahuva decided I'm a "nudge" but she's a nag. She is right though, I did need to share some photos of The Curious Prim - a fantastic build/store on Mythopoeia. The buildings are quirky and gorgeous and the main store has some fabulous pieces.

Since I was already declared a "nudge" I dragged her over to Innsmouth, the 30's era New England town you've heard so much about. The details and design are both outstanding.

If you love Lovecraft and spooky stuff (or even if you just enjoy a great build) you must visit. Be careful though. Monsters lurk!

Finally, allow me to share this musical treasure! I found this through Ches via Ahuva and I watch it everyday lately for both the talent they display and to imagine sharing the fun they're having. Meet "On The Rocks", the acapella group from the University of Oregon.

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