Friday, February 4, 2011

I Love Alpha Point in Second Life

I was standing on the roof of my Linden Home when I heard music and looked up to find I had a visitor. Vima the fairy doesn't spend much time in SL but likes to explore when she's here so I recommended she go to Alpha Point. I realized afterwards that this is always the first place on my list for explorers and the one location I return to most often. So I think it's worth reminding you why Alpha Point should be included in your own itineraries.

Ringo Masoon's sim is a combination of science fiction and fantasy. It is huge and complex and yet you don't need to have your view distance turned way up to appreciate the magic of this place. You'll find that the details are worth a lot of your attention.

This is one of the few locations I can think of where the interiors and exteriors have received an equal amount of thought and careful construction. It is also a build which is in a state of constant change. I'm quite sure these seemingly Escher - trained elephants were not there on my previous visit.

The sim looks very different from each new vantage point and that fact that there are multiple levels both inside and out mean that exploring every nook and cranny would take you hours. But those hours would be well spent. This is also a location I like to use to play with windlight because the textures are so fabulous the effects are extremely satisfying.

You will find some small shops hidden in this build - I hope they get lots of traffic because the sim deserves financial support.

As I did some research for this post - hoping to find more information on Ringo Masoon - I came across a blog with a wonderful slide show on Alpha Point. Don't take my word for the wonders of this build, check out what Ava Ganache shows you. I'm going to add her to my Blog Roll and then sit here and just enjoy the view. :)

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kevin blumer said...

i havent really been able to use second life yet it kills my machine i am getting a new one soon they use it at the open uni