Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rowan Tree (aka Mountain Ash)

I've been wanting to do a Rowan Tree in Secondlife for a long time. I think it's an attractive tree - but the primary reason has to do with the mythology around the Rowan:

The density of the rowan wood makes it very usable for walking sticks and magicians' staves. This is why druid staffs, for example, have traditionally been made out of rowan wood, and its branches were often used in dowsing rods and magic wands. Rowan was carried on vessels to avoid storms, kept in houses to guard against lightning, and even planted on graves to keep the deceased from haunting. It was also used to protect one from witches.

Note that the reference to witches involves protecting you from magic directed at you - not from the whole population of mostly benevolent individuals. :)

It would seem like SL is a logical place to have a Rowan Tree. So I've been trying. I did a not very good one last year - its only use is as one of the fillers when I create a forest. In my recent work to build sculpty trees I've had the Rowan on the list. And I've been trying.

I have, for the past few weeks, taken dozens and dozens of photos of Rowans and their foliage. I've taken them at different times of day, from different angles, in different weather and with different camera settings. Dozens and dozens of photos. And. not. one. of. them. is. in. focus. All of the other photos done at the same time are in focus. Just. not. the. Rowan. sigh

Coincidence? I think not.

I have a plan though - it involves embarassing the hell out of anybody who knows/sees me - no, I'm not going to dance naked although that's a thought. I am, however, going to open a dialogue with a Rowan Tree. Explain what I'm trying to do. Show her that I'm not doing it for the wrong reasons. Ask her for permission. Maybe that will work.

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