Monday, September 29, 2008

Burning Life 08 - Code Region

There is an awful lot to see at Burning Life - it'll take me more time than available to see it all. I didn't make to all of the installations on the Code sim but I can report on 5 of them. The first one is Camp Amok Time - and let me just say I'm grateful there are signs on these installations. I'd never figure out what they were otherwise. An interesting collection of items (and lots of freebie gifts) - you'd have to look for yourself to appreciate it.

You all know that I love Steampunk - so you know I appreciated the Conservatory of the Aether - a free necklace is available here.

Right next door was Uninspired - a scathing and/or political message is imprinted on each letter. This artist is not very optimistic!

I loved this guy - the Junkamaton.

The most interactive of the installations I saw this morning was The Illuminati Abduction. I had some trouble with the teleport - I think. I'm not sure I was supposed to wind up here.

I finally solved the problem by standing on the ground underneath the main area and flying straight up. I found this room which is fascinating - but you'd have to be braver than I am to test the various tables set up for medical experiments. :)

As always, lots of good stuff to see. The amount of talent, art, planning and building that went into the installations is inspiring.

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