Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gypsy Gadgets and Canoes

My friend Jon told me I should go check out this place called Gypsy Gadgets - so I did. :) Gypsy Paz has created this great region called Gypsy Falls you should all go visit - wonderful swaying foot bridges and an underground tunnel system. Made me really jealous since we all know I can't do script for sh*t.

There is a store of course - full of gadgets (not surprisingly). The swaying bridges are there, and shoelace tyers (sp?) and lots of other things. One of which is a canoe dock and rezzing system - which I had to buy for Aintree Common.

It makes it possible for anybody to get in a canoe and paddle around (free at Aintree but you could charge if you wanted).

I tested it - and as long as you stay close to the shore you can paddle around both islands. Cool! :)

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