Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burning Life 08 - Dizzy Banjo

My RL avatar allowed me some time in SL this morning while she did morning chores - so I took the opportunity to go visit Dizzy Banjo's installation at Burning Life. I took a lot of pics but without the movement and the music I'm afraid they just can't convey the actual experience. Here are a few to give you just an inkling of what happens when you click on the ground level site and choose teleport.

Arriving approx. 300 m in the air you find yourself surrounded by pods - they look inviting, so sit in one. :)

There's a countdown and then you are instructed to turn on your music stream. And the ride begins!

You and your pod are set in motion for what will be a 1000 m journey - with full musical accompaniment (well it is Dizzy Banjo after all). The motion, shapes and colours are in harmony (pun intended).

When you reach the final destination there is a brief pause and then you and the pod descend once more. A wonderful experience. Well worth trying!

This is a thoughtful piece and it engenders thought. I'll allow you to undertake that part of the journey without my interference. :)

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