Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hunting Script Cost

I've mused before about script cost and I'm going to do it again. I mentioned the last time that I try and keep the total script cost on the island below 3 to minimize lag - and we do well, usually on or below 1.0, even with the two stores.

Jon's store, the Mustang Trading Post is part of the "Make Him Over" hunt and he's had a steady stream of visitors. So, as I work away in the sky, I've checked the island's script cost every now and then. And frankly I'm occasionally shocked. Hunters have arrived on the island with a personal script cost over 6.0 - wtf are they carrying around with them? It's no wonder there's talk of huge lag at some of the stores in the hunt.

So children .... a word of advice from Auntie Honour .... friends don't let friends cause lag. If you're hunting with somebody wearing 7 ao's and an untold number of scripted objects - take away their hunt maps until they strip down. It's the responsible thing to do. :)


R. said...

Before I go wandering, I check my av scriptload through the estate tools in Edloe. I try to keep it .5 or lower. The flight-disks will probably be de-scripted and set for a constant glow at some point to reduce the load.

I figure that:

- People don't know
- The tools for finding out SUCK
- There aren't easily-accessible tutorials on the subject

Conclusion: BEG TORLEY!


Honour McMillan said...

I agree - unless you have an island,or a friend who does - how would you know what you're bringing with you in terms of script cost.

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Not exactly script cost related, but in the covenant of my new parcel I found an item I did not know about:

"- Mega prims for walls are ok, for floors not allowed as the more people walk over 1 prim, the more multiplied lagg it causes."

I had to exchange the megaprims in the river walk with normal prims when I saw this. But you do not perhaps use megaprims at Taylor Bay?

Honour McMillan said...

I do - but I haven't seen any signs that they cause a problem. I'll have to research this. :)