Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Got Drama?

Have you been dissed in SecondLife? Had a lover cheat on you? Or maybe a perfect stranger held you up to public ridicule by posting your photo on a blog and making fun of your hair/skin/shape or clothes?

Well now you have an alternative to stalking behaviour or public scenes. You can have your pain acknowledged by the perpetrator and, most importantly, get a heartfelt apology.

Drama Dolls are animated and interactive! Give the doll the name of the person you wish to confront, tell them how you feel and sneer at their responses. Then when you have fully expressed the pain you have experienced, get an apology which clearly explains how they were in the wrong. Once the apology is complete the evil one receives their just reward.

There are many types of dolls available. For example, the above photo includes a Slebrity, Vampires and the dreaded Fuginistas (the Fuginisto is coming, he's still getting dressed). There are also Bloggers, Elves, Neko's, regular SL Men and Women and more. The range of dolls is extensive, although not yet exhaustive, but more will be added on an ongoing basis.

We have attempted to capture the essence of the various genres within SecondLife and Cris Lefavre has animated them in ways appropriate to their character.

There are two basic He and She Dolls. The next level up in terms of animations and dialogue are the wooden dolls, followed by the porcelain dolls.

The elite dolls are, of course, the Royals. The Drama Queens, Drama Kings and the Homosexual Theater Performance Monarchs (HTPM for short - and thank you to Raul Crimson for their title). Because Drama knows no boundaries, all of the dolls will converse in ten languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

There is also a positive side to drama - to assist you in that area we have the Doll Cozies.

Both of the Cozies deliver your message to your friend/lover/partner/spouse with a heartfelt hug. The doll with a posie in its hand also gives you a little extra in the way of animation and a pot of matching flowers.

Come and see how Drama Dolls can help you get through all of the various emotional ups and downs of SecondLife.

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