Friday, July 24, 2009

Return of the Tower

I've been working away in my skybox workshop which is not a very comfortable place - imagine standing inside a white box and you'll get the idea. :) But it's a workshop not a home and I've explained before that I'm a nester. There isn't room on the island for my castle - unless I do a lot of terraforming and I like having all that water so I didn't want to do that. However, this is an opportunity to once again use my Wizard's Tower by Lux Zhukovsky. I really enjoy her work and if you haven't seen it go visit her store Darklings!

I have perfect spit of land for the tower and managed to get it setup. It took a few tries because I haven't rezzed one in over 18 months but once I recompiled the script in Mono it worked. :) Now I have a great view of the island: Aintree Gardens

Jon's Mustang Trading Post and, of course, Drama Dolls and their cute cousins the Doll Cozies.

I left the really high ground to the Planetarium by Rika Watanabe.

I have a lot of landscaping and furnishing to do but I think it looks pretty good on the island. :)


Anonymous said...

So THAT is where you have been! The tower looks magnificent!!! /me makes landmark......

Peter Stindberg said...

That looks pretty awesome, and the spot for the planterium too.