Thursday, July 9, 2009

Streaming inworld - finally!

I won't bore you with the lengthy and complicated process I went through to create the long and short video demos of the Kajira doll. I will say that, after 4 days, the combination of AutoScreen , WindowsMovieMaker and the ImToo Mpeg Encoder worked for me.

Once I had the shorter video on Youtube I then had to make it work inworld. Gack! I followed every instruction a gazillion times. Cris tried a few twenty dozen times. Although the unnatural and uncomfortable positions I put myself in were, no doubt, entertaining to any passing voyeurs - we were not successful.

Finally I decided to seek out one of those tv's that stream youtube videos inworld. I don't know what magic they have that isn't included in the instructions for the rest of us but they work. I bought one and set it up in the store, carved out a small parcel around it and restricted sound to that area. Now this shorter video plays for anybody who comes in. I'm seriously exhausted - although I haven't done much but sit at this desk all week. :)

This is the shorter video demo which (I hope) is available at Drama Dolls.

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