Wednesday, May 26, 2010

China Tang Empire in Second Life - Part 2

I went back to China Tang Empire for the official opening this morning.

Builders and Sim owners out there will appreciate this. You work for months, long hours and little sleep with one objective in mind. Finishing before your deadline. The big opening day when you unveil your masterpiece and hope that others will appreciate it. You arrange a concert (or two) and invite everybody you can think of. The day arrives and you tell yourself you just have to hang on a little more and you can get some sleep.

Your creation is done and your entertainer is there along with friends and the curious to see what you've been working on. And then............10 minutes into the first performance, just as people are finding their way from various parts of the new sim to your performance area.............LL decides to restart your island to update some server code.

Who says they don't have a sense of humour? The really good news is that the sim has been added to the Showcase - so it should get the attention it deserves.

MoShang Zhao did the first concert on the island and it was lovely to hear. He handled the restart with charm and made the event feel warm and friendly.

I love taking photos on this sim and I've added more to the slideshow on Koinup. There are some truly fine photographs being added to the site - much better than mine, but I'll keep practicing. :)

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