Sunday, May 23, 2010

Second Life Crime Genius?

Ok he's really new (about 1 week old according to his profile) but eager. :) I was standing on my island working on inventory when this person approached me. I didn't take his pic cause it felt like I'd be kicking a puppy but I did record the conversation for posterity:

[9:49] Dumb Crook: hey want to buy anything
[9:49] Honour McMillan: excuse me?
[9:50] Dumb Crook: want to buy a tree?
[9:50] Honour McMillan: you mean one of these trees?
[9:50] Dumb Crook: yes
[9:50] Honour McMillan: really? You're going to sell me one of these trees?
[9:51] Dumb Crook: or
[9:51] Dumb Crook: like
[9:51] Dumb Crook: anything
[9:51] Dumb Crook: guns
[9:51] Dumb Crook: motorbikes
[9:51] Dumb Crook: cars
[9:51] Dumb Crook: ?
[9:52] Honour McMillan: lol no thanks :)
[9:52] Dumb Crook: come on seriously ask anythin
[9:52] Honour McMillan: and if you want to sell stuff on my island you should probably check with me first :)
[9:52] Dumb Crook: o soz is it ur island lol
[9:53] Honour McMillan: yep :)

And then he left. I'm thinking this may have taught him to do a little bit of research first.

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