Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second Life V2 Fashion Crashes

So I downloaded the new version of V2 this morning and logged on. Performance was great and textures rezzed very quickly. However I didn't. I had things to do so it was more than an hour before I could go deal with the problem.

One of the most common solutions to the "cloud" problem is to change your outfit. However make sure you change it to an outfit that is completely different (if you've ever modified an existing saved outfit you'll notice the new one has the original listed as one of its components, anything you didn't change will be included under the name of the first outfit). I thought this would be a great time to try on a Bare Rose outfit I hadn't played with yet so I went to my inventory, opened the folder and chose "Add to Outfit". That's the way I've learned to do it so that my hair/skin/etc. would remain instead of choosing "Replace Outfit".

Well. The results were interesting if a little excessive. I don't know if it has something to do with the multiple attachments feature in V2, but I was now wearing all of the options included in the Bare Rose outfit folder. I mean all of them. When I looked under the "Wearing" tab I had on 5 shirts, 5 jackets, 7 scarves, 3 sets of shoulder pads, etc., etc., etc.,. It didn't take long before I crashed. Hard.

I tried doing a screen print so I could show you the list of what had been "added to my outfit" but this was a complete system crash and it was lost.

This might explain some performance issues I've had recently if I've added just enough layers to mess things up but not enough for a major system stroke.

So I guess what I'm going to have to do is either try on newly purchased outfits one item at a time or sort vendor folders into colour coordinated sub folders.

Perhaps all the fashion designers out there could keep this in mind when they box up their items? In the meantime I'll try and find a way to document the problem for a JIRA (sigh) in case it's a bug and not a feature. :)


Unknown said...

Hey Honour,
I've noticed the same thing for a while now. I hate wearing a months worth of clothes at one time.

To the other extreme - Today, when I bought some jewelry, I opened box and i clicked wear... it decided that I meant replace - and i was standing in the jewelry store in just my earrings and necklace. Go figure. :)

The cloud thing - the other day I got stuck on that - my skin had disappeared. I didn't know you could be without skin, but in retrospect, I guess that is what a cloud is. Good luck with the Jira.

Honour McMillan said...

LOL @ Saundra - you have to love this place :)