Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not Your Usual Second Life Winter Fare

The Destinations Tab in Search has a list of special winter builds to enjoy this season - lots of skating and sledding and visiting Santa. I decided to check out a few less obvious seasonal displays. The first is the beautiful Winterfell - a good time of year to visit if you haven't before and even if you have.

Next I went to see what had happened to Mysterious Wave in the deep freeze that's hitting much of the northern hemisphere. I found a sled full of gifts being pulled by Rudolf the Red Nosed Crow.......

There are some striking and mysterious images here - a fun place to play with the camera!

Not wanting to neglect physical activity I then went to the Cheek Cow Golf Club. They've done a spectacular job of winterizing the course.

You might still lose your ball but it's so gorgeous you won't care. :)

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