Monday, November 15, 2010

Second Life - The Realm of Mystara

Avoiding stress makes me even more stressed but sometimes you just need to escape for a while and, since I haven't explored anything for a few days, I decided this morning to turn my back on real life and visit a fantasy world.

Mystara is a "lost forest and water Realm, rich with mystery and intrigue". Created as a Medieval Fantasy (Free Form) Role Play community it is full of fairies and elves and satyrs and countless other fabulous beings. It is also a gorgeous build.

Situated on an archipelago, this is a heavily wooded Realm with numerous hidden places in addition to a minimal number of 'traditional' structures. The landscape and the inhabitants are the real draws.

You can visit as an observer, just wear your tag and obey the rules and you are free to look around. I admit I was a little uncomfortable playing tourist but I appreciated the opportunity. :)

Be warned before you go however, it is not all sweetness and light in Mystara. It has a dark history and there are tricksters and villains as well as heroes in the mix. You might find it suits you perfectly.

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