Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in business ........knock on wood!

I hesitate to post this in case I jinx something. I almost abandoned all my land last month and retired from SL. Not in protest of anything or because I don't like it - gawd knows how much I enjoy creating (and yes OK, you guys) etc. The problem was that ever since the Open Space debacle started my sales went pffffft. Literally dried up over night and vanished. Well think about it - who is going to worry about landscaping when they're too busy picketing (or listening to all the people saying "the sky is falling").

Understandable - but left me with a really large tier payment (cause I'm an idiot and I get bored and I buy islands).

The mature, responsible thing to do would be to remove myself and save my money. I decided at the last minute to give it another month - I'm just hooked you know? And I really think this was a necessary part of the growing pains and I want to stay around dammit. :)

Anyway - it looks like I made the right decision - everybody now.....knock on wood!

A combination of being in Winterfaire, getting past Christmas and looking forward to the New Year, the people who hung on to their land deciding to do something about it.........I don't know but, whatever it is, the sales are back. whew! :)

Getting this new product line up and for sale will help too. I'm hoping I'll be able to look back on this as a hiccup - not a death knell for my residency.

/me goes and finds more wood to knock!

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