Friday, January 23, 2009

Reality TV and SLebrity

There are so many things I want to say about the whole concept of SLebrity and the process by which people achieve it.... but I'll be good and stay quiet. Understand, I'm not passing judgment on people who want to be known and/or admired throughout SL. I would, however, suggest that they spend a little bit of time asking themselves what they want to be "known for". Do you want to be the Paris Hilton of SL (known for being known) or AM Radio substitute any of the really brilliant minds in SL (known for superb creations and charitable work). If it's the former you're liable to wind up just being the subject of derisive laughter. If it's the latter - you'll be admired for your skills and lasting contributions to the community. I know which I'd prefer. :)

In the meantime though - I would like to comment on the concept of an SL reality series which aims to give somebody the celebrity they seek. In addition to giving Wrath an excuse to be inworld on a regular basis, the series seems to give the contestants something I think most SLeb wannabe's don't have - something real to be "known for". From reading the description here, it seems the contestants actually have to learn skills and demonstrate ability. Developing something real that they can build on, improve, create with and then offer SL. I can't imagine wanting to go through the process but I can admire somebody willing to learn and earn. :)

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