Friday, January 9, 2009

Really, Officer... it was an accident!

Most of the past week has been spent working out some problems with the armillarys (there was a brief shopping trip, but I don't want to talk about that). The hard work has been done by a talented scripter - I won't name him or her for reasons which will become obvious.

We went through a number of iterations of the script - and most of the need to rewrite was a result of me being stupid. There was one little hiccup though for which I can't claim credit - it was one of those serendipitous moments that occasionally happen during the voyage of creation and discovery. You know, when you try to create a ploughshare and it turns out to be a gun?

Really Officer, I was trying to script a paperclip........the nuclear weapon just happened!

That genius of a scripter accidentally created a potential time bomb. I'm standing there yelling at the prim saying "you're supposed to be moving dammit" when unbeknownst to me (or that scripter) he or she had created something very different than intended. Just lucky it didn't kill me.

Now I have the script I need (thanks to that scripter who shall remain nameless). The only problems that remain are with prims, rotation, cut lines and non-proportional spacing. These are issues I'm willing to tackle - I will build important character by steadfastly refusing to quit. And it's much safer than yelling at script that might really want to disembowel me.


Dale Innis said...

I disclaim all responsibility! If only the SL LSL Wiki had said (before I updated it to just now) that the arguments to llOffsetTexture should have absolute values between zero and one! How could I possibly have imagined that --

Well, anyway. I'm sure the region will be habitable again before long.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Well, Honour, you know - you get what you pay for! ROFLOL. I guess maybe I should have warned you about the nameless scripter's sense of humor? And maybe you shouldn't yell at the prims so much.

Honour McMillan said...

Of course - blame the victim. sigh
isn't that always the way.