Monday, January 12, 2009

New Week - Scratch Start

The island looks like a junkyard for armillarys. :) However, I'm really close to either making them work the way I want them to.............or abandoning the idea that they will be anything more than decorative. I've had some weird things happening where prims are rotating away from where I left them (and no, there's no script in them). I think what I have to do is move to another part of the island, start from scratch and build another base model. Once I've made sure all the prims are rotated in the correct direction and the cut lines start at the correct spot etc., I can make an improved dial texture. If the numbers on the dial are proportional it doesn't keep accurate time all day - so I'm going to have to spend time in the photo editor constructing one. :)

I'll just keep taking aspirin for the SL-bow. :)

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