Friday, February 6, 2009

The Clothing Rut

I admit that when it comes to casual clothes I'm in a rut. Formal wear I can do - but for casual clothes I stick to jeans and a shirt, or shirt and sweater.

Early on in my Second Life, when I finally started to look for clothes, I got really really frustrated. Everything seemed to lack only an "I Want Sex" sign - skanky was an understatement. I don't like shopping enough to be willing to spend hours looking for something I like. My solution was to buy men's clothes - good jeans and nice tailored shirts. In fact I'll read men's fashion blogs to find the right shops to find the good stuff. :)

I've been trying to expand my casual wardrobe and I'm finally buying a few things like the outfit above. I'm not going to wear skirts for casual wear - but I will pick one store every now and then and devote enough time looking around to find something. I can grow - even if it involves shopping. :)

PS I know that sort of looks like a sweater - but it's actually a leather jacket. Really, buttons and everything! :)

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