Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rez-ing Wrath Paine - the Sequel

Last year, when my friend Wrath reached the first anniversary of his arrival in SecondLife, I celebrated by creating a Rez Day ad farm on his property.

As his second Rez Day approached I started planning my tribute. My first idea was to toilet paper his house - which would have been a real challenge given that, at the time, his house was a 34 story office tower. But I was working on it ........ until he sold all his land!

So I started trying to plan something assuming he had no house. And then he bought some land. Once again I ripped up my plans and started anew.

He obviously felt safe announcing the new land because, according to his blog, it only has 2 free prims. He probably doesn't think I can do anything with only 2 prims. :)

I guess I forgot to tell him about my new toy. It's one of Dedric's terrific particle generators. I really have very little idea what I'm doing, but I hit buttons and pull levers and then stick script into a box and stuff happens. :)

I could only use two prims but I made them "pretty". And I made them revolve .... cause movement just adds a je ne sais quoi element to it.

It was still missing something though. Something that would make it truly a Rez Day gift for Wrath. It had his name all over it but that didn't seem personal enough.

So I took a 6 second snippet from Morrissey (he has a thing for Morrissey) and put it into the box. It took a little while to make, but the loop of "Sing your Life" turned out pretty well. I'm really hoping he has "restrict spatialized sound to this parcel" selected or his neighbours might get a bit testy. :)

I took a "before" picture so you could see his peaceful pastoral setting before I invaded. :)

So that was it. It's not as big or extravagant as last year - but I had a smaller parcel to work with. I have to say that without being able to see the movement you can't appreciate his gift in all its glorious "awfulness". But this photo should give you an idea of the surprise awaiting him the morning of his second Rez Day.

It looks even better in the dark!

Happy Rez Day my dear friend. :) And I hope you have many many more!


Anonymous said...

omg you are awesome Honour... tres perfect!!!

Honour McMillan said...

lol thank you!

Jeff said...

Honour, my dear friend, I must say, you really do know how to decorate for any occasion, don't you?! lol Very nicely done. Especially considering I don't recall sending out a landmark for the new homestead... ;-)

And thank you for helping me start the day with some Morrissey!!! You're the bestest! :-)

(I am guessing you put that wall up in the first photo just for effect, right? I had better log in and calm down some of those particles before the neighbours really do decide to wall me in, LOL!)

Honour McMillan said...

Landmark? was I supposed to wait for one of them? ooops

And yes I put up the wall so your neighbour's decorating didn't distract from your "landscape" :)

And I think I found you another couple of prims - look in the water, I think you have some extra boulders. :)

Jeff said...

Really, found some prims - extra boulders in the water?? Okay, I'm intrigued now, lol. Can't wait to investigate. :-)

Honour McMillan said...

See? there's an upside to having me sneak around your parcel :)

The downside from my perspective is that I haven't been able to get .....da da da da da DA Sing your life .... out of my head for days!

Dedric Mauriac said...

Interesting use of the particle lab. I never imagined using it for rez-day pranks.

Honour McMillan said...

um Dedric I hope you know I truly love the thing - it's just that my skills are minimal and it was a perfect tool in this instance. :)

Honour McMillan said...

PS and I do have plans to use it for more serious endeavours :)