Thursday, February 26, 2009


My photo doesn't do this av justice - it is truly the most appealing avatar I've ever seen.

I sometimes recommend to newbies that they look for non-human avatars if they are so inclined- think about it, no hair/skin/clothes/ao's to worry about. Has to be less expensive initially and less trouble to find (for those of us who hate shopping). They also get rid of the "I'm brand new kick me" sign that many get on their backs.

I have a few non human avatars - but I don't use them. It's just not the "me" I expect I think. But I do think many are just amazing - and I applaud the creators and the wearers both. :)

PS I forgot to mention that in this av's profile he says that the only happier av in SL is Torley Linden. :)

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