Monday, February 25, 2008

Rez-ing Wrath Paine

Today is Wrath Paine's Rez Day! He was the first person to talk to me in SecondLife. He's been my neighbour and my friend from day one and he puts up with me. So I wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion.

I started with this really cute bunny and balloons. But I decided it needed a card - so I made a big black one (to match his blog). And then I thought I would make it so everybody could read it no matter what direction they were looking from. To make it a little more fun I had it rotate.

It looked a little lonely so I made a few more. Then I realized he had all this land now. I could put a bunch of Rez Day cards up and it would be a real celebration!

I think it turned out very festive. It does remind me of something though - I just can't quite figure out what.

Happy Rez Day dear neighbour! Love ya :)


Anonymous said...

OMG Honor that is perfect...Sweet Job!!

Wrath Paine said...

Yeah, sweet job indeed - 14 hours later I finally finished removing all 2.3 million prims she strategically scattered all over my yard!

But seriously - that was a most excellent gesture, Honour - thank you for being thee bestest neighbour a person could ever hope for, and a most delightful friend.

When do you turn one, by the way? *g*

Honour said...

You needed the exercise hon (gotta work on those washboard abs) and a woman never tells her age. :)

Mister Crap said...

Heh. Well done.

Of course, I nearly had kittens when I saw that some joker turned Edloe's land textures to matzoh on my rezday.

I did manage to catch and return all of the attempts at decorating the tower. (My excuse was that I was over my prim limit and I didn't want to set a bad example as an Idiot in Chief. but I really just wanted to be a stinker)