Sunday, February 3, 2008

Setting the Stage

It's presumptuous of me to assume that my thoughts will have any value to others - but I do think it's possible that a post-menopausal view of SL will be at least out of the ordinary if not worthwhile. And this will give me a place to vent on occasion.

I arrived in Second Life early last May. Learning to build was my first priority - and for a long time my only priority. Luckily I've figured out that the learning curve is endless and taking care of a few other things would be a good idea. My neighbours will tell you it took me 3 months to do something about my AV - obviously I wasn't too worried about the fashion police........or my neighbours' sensibilities.

So a bit about me:
  • I'm not in my dotage ...... but I'm definitely past the "coy, big boobs, cute" phase of life.
  • My rl children all have four legs - 2 cats, 2 dogs.
  • I like to garden in rl - so started with that in SL.
  • I find it incredible and amusing that we buy and sell pixels. Everytime I start to get wound up about the business side of SL I hear a friend's voice say "they're just pixels".
  • The first time I used Gopher on a Mac to access a computer on the other side of the world - I was enthralled. What I'm doing today is pure Science Fiction.
  • I think it's way too easy to buy land - which must be why I keep doing it.
  • Got myself a brand new video card - and now I can use Windlight. Logged on the other morning to this scene:

  • Now I just need to learn to take good photo's :)
  • Have been very lucky with my SL neighbours - they're kind, supportive, funny and adventurous.
  • Was working in my garden the other morning and two newbies were sitting there having a chat. Heard one say to the other "I believe we change a lot between the ages of 16 and 20." Decided that an older, more mature voice might be welcome.

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