Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Odds n Ends

I've agreed to manage a large project at work - and I'm going to use the opportunity to start using SecondLife where I think it will be useful. I've been introducing it to various people in the organization for the past couple of months and what surprises me is that the older, more experienced people in the company get it. The younger ones are the skeptics. Not what I expected.

The trade off will be less time to work on my own projects - which is annoying. Spring is coming and I have all these ideas for new products (and people like Wrath who have all these ideas for new products for me too). I want to do all of them and I want to do them right away. I tend to get a teensy bit obsessive which probably means a little sleep deprivation while I try to do too much in SL and RL.

I also think I'll wind up re-organizing the garden which will be a huge project. I'll have to mull it over for a while and then there will be this burst of activity and I'll do it all in one weekend. Then I'll be exhausted for days.

Why is it I can watch my av dance for hours with no effect - but move and build things using a mouse and I get worn out? Well I do know why I don't get tired when I watch my av dance (she's very fit) but the rest of it doesn't make sense.

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