Monday, February 4, 2008


Although I always have a lot to do around the garden - and I've been known to spend some time dancing every now and then - I do occasionally like to embark on quests in Second Life.

The Amazing Hunt is fun and the organizers have a sly sense of humour which makes it interesting.

My latest quest hasn't actually begun yet - but the organizer has been sending out teaser clues and tests to warm us up. I'm speaking about Where the hell is Harvey Wayne? which is a search for a serial killer.

The search doesn't really begin in earnest until February 22, but we've already had a cryptogram and a riddle. If you're interested in winning L$20,000 - or even if you just want a puzzle to solve - join the Where the hell is Harvey Wayne? group.

If you know of a good "quest" the rest of us should check - please let me know!

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