Friday, February 22, 2008

The course of true love .............

But first another sunset picture. I love sunset from my tower :)

One of my tower neighbours is a nice guy and we've gotten to know each other a bit since we both moved into the area. The other day I logged on and he was there and we started to chat. Suddenly - I say that cause it had nothing to do with the subject at hand - he says "I'm going to pop the question tonight."
Once I established that "pop the question" still means the same thing it always did, and that we were talking about an sl engagement not rl, I asked him where he was going to do it. He had no idea.
So I TP'd him down to my beach and using rocks and trees I built a little lagoon. I put in a fire pit and some torches in the water (so they could skinny dip). He put in a cuddle rug and selected a music stream for the parcel. Then I restricted access to everybody but the two of them.
But we weren't quite done - he wanted to practice (huh?) - so I had to go through the whole "on one knee" routine til he was sure he had it down. Then I left him to it.
The next morning I logged in and both of their profiles said they were engaged. So congratulations to Mingus and Desiree.
Unfortunately I deleted the lagoon build without taking a picture - but I guess it's more romantic for them that they were the only ones to be there. :)

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