Saturday, February 16, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Some of my friends have heard this story - I apologize in advance. :)

I finally bowed to pressure last summer and put a little house in across the road from my garden. I did it mostly so I could sit on the balcony and look at all the work I had to do. But my neighbours would come over and visit (that's a good thing) and there wasn't enough room on the balcony for everybody (yes that's a bad thing).

So I put some couches and chairs on the roof. And it was an even better location to look at all the work I have to do in the garden.

Things were going fine until I started to see traffic numbers at my house in the high hundreds. Seemed a teensy odd- til I found out that all these people were using my roof (and other parts of the house) during the day while I was at work.
Now I didn't want to be rude and limit access to the place, but it meant that I couldn't just sit and work cause I never knew who was going to pop in. So I did the logical thing and bought some hilltop land in another sim and put up a wizard's tower (I've always wanted a wizard's tower).
A month or so later I decided I would sit on the roof of my little house because I missed it and because I had some work to do.

I hadn't been sitting there 5 minutes when a complete stranger landed on the roof in front of me. According to her profile she was only 2 days old - but even I can recognize a high end skin and those 2 inch fingernails are not standard. (boy I wish I'd taken her picture) I muttered to myself a bit but typed "hello :)" to her.
She moved to within about 18 inches of my feet and typed "get up Bitch".
????????????????? What the heck??????????????????
So I quickly ran through my inventory of weapons. It's limited.
I have a snowball launcher.

But somehow I didn't think that would do it. I have a set of bagpipes.

But that's like using a howitzer to kill a bug. This is a no damage zone and I did have to think of my neighbours.
The whole time I'm doing this analysis she's standing in front of me and neither of us are speaking. I finally remembered "This is MY house damn it!" so I banned her.
She wound up in Wrath's front yard (sorry hon) and there was a lot of pacing and jumping before she gave up.
To this day I cannot figure out what she thought would happen when she said that. So if any of you run into imani Heslop find out for me please.


Shockwave Plasma said...

I once TPed to my sky box, and thought I was in the wrong place, SO I left..came back..left...came back again.

It wasn't until I moved the camera way back I realized someone had rezzed a massive ship inside it.


Looks like we need to buy you some weapons...who can we practise on.....Oh Wrath...

Honour said...

Thank you soo much for the support - if you'd hold him still while I practice that would help. He's quick!