Thursday, October 22, 2009

Burning Life 09 - Cool and Strange

I've always wanted to play a Carillon and I got my chance at Burning Life. The Carillon by Kithara Associates (Oriscus "Oz" Zauberflote and FreeWee Ling) lets you play the bells - you touch the key and the appropriate bell chimes. The only preprogrammed music is the Westminster Chimes which play every quarter hour. Cool!

There are many camps set up of course but the Watchtower Camp is one of the most intricate I stumbled upon. After you've looked at the cute yet twisted scenes on the ground you can take a ride up to the viewing platform.

Then if you're really brave, make your way to the top and ride the chairs.

128 m in the air!

The Gridhikers Fire is a little more grounded - well in an underwater sort of way.

The Palmyra Theater by Lavia Dufaux is beautiful - the things you can do with cardboard!

The next photo is of **TRANSENDENCE** by Sand Castle Studios. I'll let you read their description: " It takes the form of a large head shedding its human form and transcending to a technologically advanced soul/spirit." (ok fine)

The Star Trek Bridge & Shuttle Launch Control is always fun and I've been meaning to get my shuttle pilot hours in. So I tp'ed up to one of the ships.

There were three people there ahead of me fighting off some major threat and they shouted at me to come and help.

Unfortunately I was outside the door and it wouldn't open. I did get the following message though: "We are the Borg, your existence as you know it is over, we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own."

Oh dear........

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Gianna Borgnine said...

Thank you for featuring our exhibit (Transcendence)! I hope you enjoyed it. You did a great post, with a few I will have to check out myself!