Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello Wrath?

Can you hear me? Happy Real Life Birthday Wrath Paine! You've been noticeably absent from SL for quite a while now. I realize this is a result of a combination of Survivor, a torrid love affair and your work as an undercover agent for a secret alphabet agency.....but I intend to recognize the day anyway. So here is a bouquet of irises just for you!

I hope your various endeavours are bringing you joy and success. Just don't forget to feed that fish of yours. :)


Wrath said...

OMG thank you, Honour!!! :-)

Sorry I did not respond sooner - but the weekend was kinda hectic, I'll explain more soon! ;-)

Thanks for keeping an eye on SL for me in the meantime!! You're doing a great job. ;-)

Love, love this irises!!

Honour McMillan said...

NP - I understand that you can't talk about those undercover assignments :)