Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Burning Life 09 - The Elfinator and Fractals

I didn't have enough time to spend in Burning Life today to do a long post but I did find two places I really think you should know about (if you don't already).

You're probably wondering how the two of these relate - well they relate in part because they're next to each other in Burning Life. But they have other things in common as well:

  • They both have a way of giving you a sense of calm and well being.
  • They both bring you something and allow you to transform in some measure.
  • They are both worth a visit.

The Drum Circle and Elfinator is a place you're going to want to spend some time. DrFran Babcock is the builder and your gracious host. :) Once you arrive, it becomes very difficult to leave - isn't there something about Elves and the passage of time? Chance it anyway....go explore your inner elf, play the drums, dance and most importantly, ride the Elfinator. I swear my "voice is active" white dot was moving around in time with the music.

One of my secret passions is fractals. The symmetry of the math appeals to me and the beauty of the fractals themselves is inspiring. So I was predisposed to like the Filaments of Life/Filaments of Light installation. But admit it - it's gorgeous!

Kerryth Tarantal has built this cathedral of light from fractal images and I loved it. :)

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Gianna Borgnine said...

Thank you for featuring our exhibit (Transcendence)! I hope you enjoyed it. You did a great post, with a few I will have to check out myself!