Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Fearless Nation in Second Life

Fearless Nation  (moderate)

There are a lot of misconceptions about the internet in general and virtual worlds in particular and no I'm not even talking about the proverbial fat guy in the basement (he's OK by the way, once you get past his grunting and unwillingness to take showers).  Relevant to this post is the idea that the technology is "alienating" and that we can become more isolated by becoming immersed in the "fake" lives we create.  This might be true for some but for others it provides a totally opposite experience.

We talk occasionally about the "good" that is done in Second Life, pointing to things such as Relay for Life and Virtual Ability.  One of the amazing organizations operating on the grid is Fearless Nation - a resource for those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Fearless Nation  (moderate)

Fearless Nation welcome(s) all PTSD sufferers, their families, friends, and clinicians, war veterans, law enforcement personnel, emergency response workers, those traumatized by sexual abuse, child abuse, torture, human trafficking, hostage events and crime, man-made and natural disasters, and physical, psychological, and verbal trauma.

They provide information, access to resources, classes, workshops, support groups and more.  They also hold an annual festival to heighten awareness of this debilitating problem and the help that is available as well as education to address the widespread issue of stigma associated with any mental illness.  This year's festival begins tomorrow with a presentation by the organization's founder, Anya Ibor, and will last for 10 days.

Fearless Nation  (moderate)

Sims which are normally closed to the public for use by members of the organization will be open for you to explore and a hunt will encourage you to learn about the issue and treatment.  

Two additional sims have been added for the month and display fantastic pieces by some of our favourite artists.  Curated by the indomitable Eliza Wierwight you will find it easy to lose yourself for hours enjoying the works of:

Starlash Sweetwater   Claudia222 Jewell
Bryn Oh   kazuhiro aridian
Stephen Venkman   PJ Trenton
Glyph Graves   Gwen Carillon
Tricia Farella   Scottius Polke
Trill Zapetero   Lina Stigsson
Bonni Reid   Sabbian Paine
Nicole Steen   Starax Statosky
Rebeca Bashly    Eliza Wierwight

Fearless Nation  (moderate)

It's unthinkable to have a festival inworld without music!  And there will be plenty from the 4th through the 13th.  This will include live performances and amazing DJ's.

I don't know anybody, including myself, whose life has not been touched or altered by mental illness whether their own or that of a loved one.  One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this burden is the feeling of being "alone".  Second Life and Fearless Nation help begin recovery by first addressing this issue and then providing the support and assistance necessary to ensure that the appropriate treatment for PTSD is received.

I encourage you to learn more by taking advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a festival and to become  familiar with an extraordinary facility and resource that directly contradicts the notion that alienation is inevitable in our world.  

Fearless Nation  (moderate)


R. said...

*cough* I don't have a basement.


Honour McMillan said...

Just another misconception about the internet ....

Eliza said...

I have two basement. Okay, well they are actually carparks but it sounds pervy huh :)

Hey Miss McMillan, thank you so much for highlighting this event and the importance of getting the word out there about PTSD. I actually took a little time to exhale during all this creation & curation and have such a high respect for everyone who has been involved to date. Yourself included.

Again my genuine thanks .

Unknown said...

Hola's from said basement.. Great read and shots Honour!! Thank you!

Honour McMillan said...

@Venk - thank you :) someday we should have a basement party lol

Tart Arts said...

So pleased to read about this,thanks for getting the word out!