Monday, November 7, 2011

The Finale of the Avatar Games 2011 in Second Life

The Avatar Games Trophy

Yesterday was the finale of the first (and perhaps only) season of the Avatar Games.  8 of the eligible finalists ran the course - but there were some changes made.  First of all Bryn reversed the course so they started at, what had been, the finish and ran down the hill to the former "start".  She added an additional refrackenbackem and a lot of trap cages and she had the bridge over the cess pool rotate.  The only new rule was that anybody jumping off a cliff to speed their journey would be orbited.

You know things couldn't go smoothly, this has been a twilight-zonish experience from the beginning and yesterday was just plain weird.  The start was delayed when we found the contestants arriving at the finish line - the old start landmark. That took a while to sort out and for some reason a lot of really good suggestions thrown at them were ignored by the Powers That Be. 

Contestant #1 disappeared approaching the first turn.  We thought maybe Bryn was being a stickler and detected some foot fault and orbited him.  Contestant #2 vanished just before the finish line.  We couldn't figure out what happened to him.  Then there was a delay followed by a shout in chat. It turned out they'd left damage enabled and we'd murdered the first two runners.  sigh

Crap kept channeling Vera Lynn and a large contingent of french speaking audience members, with fine musical taste, rebelled.  Another member of the audience found a terrific old tune he really liked and decided to broadcast on voice.  I hid behind the curtains. It all got done in the end - but I was exhausted and I'm pretty sure Crap's medications had worn off.

I have to congratulate Bryn Oh on her build, Sasun Steinbeck on her scripts, Taralyn Gravois and Galea Yates for their work wrangling the contestants, Geo Meek for livestreaming and ColeMarie Soleil for her randomness. I also want to thank our audience who tolerated us and encouraged us and couldn't shoot for sh*t.  

In spite of months of abuse; forcing me to listen to him eat all types of comestibles on mic; working on Words With Friends, Twitter, emails, Facebook and Plurk instead of focusing on the runners; the day he ran (shall we say) "under the weather"; the constant denigration of both my professionalism and the nobility of our endeavour; I might, perhaps, in a while have some fond memories of working with Crap Mariner.  My agent owes me big time for this one.

Oh yes, the winner of the trophy and the prize of L$15,000 was Fei (Bourdeille) Feice with a time of 1 min 28 sec.  Congratulations to Fei and everybody who challenged themselves and this sadistic course.  I really hope to see you all again at a future games and I have no idea what I'll do now with those spare hours every week.


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