Saturday, July 26, 2008

A good night!

Yes I do own something besides jeans. :) Just usually gardening and you don't wear clothes like this to garden.

Had to clean up to go to the official opening party of the 7 Hills Equestrian Centre. Hosted by Sverien Oldrich, Simone Reyes and the fabulous Eliza Wierwright who did the design for the clubhouse and grounds. A very nice surprise was one of the performers - and one of my favourites. Joaquin Gustav! swoon....

Afterwards I changed back into my jeans and did some work on a small landscaping project I have. Then I finished another texture and just as I'm planting the new flower along comes GoSpeed.

Remind me next time I'm landscaping an island to leave room to park a blimp!


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! You looked beautiful. I love Joaquin Gustav, too.

Honour said...

thank you - but any compliments should go to Vindi Vindaloo (sp?) - it's the dress that's beautiful. :)