Friday, July 18, 2008

A new (to me) toy!!! The BlogHUD!

This is a test. I'm making this blog post from inside SL using the BlogHUd. If you're curious go to and check it out. :) My life would have been sooooo much easier during the Gibson Island opening if I'd known about this.
posted by Honour McMillan on Aintree using a blogHUD : [permalink]

And it worked!!! I came in just to add this note and the tags. It automatically gives a link to the location where you took the pic - this is a very cool toy. :)

Koz Farina has created this little jewel. I had some trouble setting up the cross-posting to this blog but I perservered (cause I'm stubborn) and as you can see - it works! I don't think the problems were caused by bloghud - it had something to do with cookies and my system. I don't know - but it got sorted out.

It's actually simpler to do a post with a picture than without - look on the homepage for a link to the announcement about being able to include pics for the instructions.

I'm looking forward to the next big event - unlike Gibson Island, I won't have to keep minimizing; going into the photo editor and changing the pic to a jpg; then coming in here; uploading the pic and writing the text. You can specify the size you want the pics to be in your account set up - so it's all done in advance.

Congratulations Koz!

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