Sunday, July 6, 2008

SL5B - Almost Over

A few more sites you should catch before SL5B ends. This one is in SL5B Render and is a Painting Mini Museum . An interesting collection and they've given you different versions of the paintings - I think the artists would approve but what do I know. :)

The next few pics were taken in SL5B Delegoose. It's a sign of my ignorance that I can't figure out what a Delegoose is!

I almost didn't go into this exhibit. The typist behind my av was severely traumatized once when her sister made her go to shop for Barbies in a ToysRUs store. I still have nightmares about being surrounded by walls of pink!

However, I'm glad I braved the colour and went in. This exhibit is for those of us who love to cook. They are giving away a book of French Cook Recipes and you can choose from 11 different languages!

I loved the entrance to this exhibit, mostly because the front of the card quotes one of my favourite poets. :) Inside the exhibit is a painting ....

and the opportunity for you to become the painting. :) Go visit Through the Frame by Boudicca Amat! I'm sure you'll dress better than I did.

A little tired after all that wandering around? I found another nice little park to rest a while.

SL5B is almost over - a lot of people worked very hard on the exhibits. You should go look before it's too late. :)


Boudicca Amat said...

hello Honour, thank you for the kind words:)it's soo cool to be blogged!!

Honour said...

You're welcome - and it's cool to be read! :)