Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Metamorphosis or How I Learned to Duck Sharp Objects in Second Life

Igor Ballyhoo "Metamorphosis (moderate)
 I saw this cool photo by Harbor Galaxy this morning and was intrigued enough to look around for more information which I found on the Nordan Om Jordan blog.  Have a look at that blog post for a detailed description of this build - I'll give you a few more general impressions.

 Located at the UTSA ArtSpace (one of the treasures on the grid), Igor Ballyhoo's Metamorphosis is a good example of what happens when an artist channels his or her feelings into their work. According to Harbor the "Title comes from the bizarre behavior of some US politicians....sometimes I feel like I'm living in a Dali painting!"

Igor Ballyhoo "Metamorphosis (moderate)

Igor's feelings must be quite extreme on this topic - there are a lot of sharp and rotating blades, flying scissors, and body parts literally wandering around the various scenes in this build.  I found them beautiful which means to me that he's done a really good job of creating "art" not self-indulgent violence.  He's had a lot of practice working with scissors though so I should have expected that.   There are two great videos of his work "Forest of Scissors" by Osprey Therian and Debbie Trilling you should really check out.  Given his obvious proclivities remind me to never piss him off.

This is a large and intricate build, designed in a way that you journey through it - it's difficult to absorb all in one piece no matter how you move your camera around.  The discovery is worth the effort and you should give yourself time to examine each of the individual scenes to appreciate the small touches he's included.

Igor Ballyhoo "Metamorphosis (moderate)

My time at Metamorphosis gave me a chance to think about a couple of things.  The first was to wonder if "surreal" means the same thing in a virtual world.  As a reference to the physical it makes sense - but is it really a mix of "fact and fantasy" if it's in the metaverse?  It's just an idle thought and I don't think the answer really matters but that's where my mind went.

Unfortunately my mind then went on to more complex and difficult questions about "real" vs "virtual" because we're dealing with Google+ and names and identity and other great life issues.  But it's OK, I lay down for a while and got over it.  Greater minds than mine are pursuing them and I'll just watch - at least for a while. :)

Igor Ballyhoo "Metamorphosis (moderate)

I also spent some time thinking about photography.  I think I've taken a good photo if the viewer can see what I saw in the subject.  Someday I might achieve that but not today.  Today was frustrating and very unsuccessful from my point of view.

However, please believe me when I say you should experience Metamorphosis.  It is a sometimes revolving, occasionally pulsating and altogether fascinating piece of art that demonstrates a level of talent which adds to my great store of envy.

Igor Ballyhoo "Metamorphosis (moderate)


Opensource Obscure said...

thanks for pointing out this location - I really enjoyed Igor's creations and building-

Honour McMillan said...

@Open You're welcome - he's a wonderful talent! :)

flora nordenskiold said...

Thanks for this post, Honour!