Monday, July 25, 2011

Training Myself to Use the Viewer 2.8 Environment Settings in Second Life

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I keep reminding myself that I'm an adult and I can handle change.  Then something happens and I prove once again that I am flawed and need to work on my approach to life's little bumps. :)

The Viewer 2.8 that is in Beta includes the new design for Environment Settings.  These changes will facilitate two things which have long been requested: the ability to set a personalized default windlight setting for your viewer  and the ability of a region owner to define a windlight setting for their land that all residents experience when they arrive.  The problem I encountered is that they apparently didn't include photographers in the use cases when they designed the new interface.  Using the new controls to make temporary changes to the settings (like east angle or sky tint) is very painful.  But it's possible to train yourself to make it work.

The Dark Swamp (general)

I created a JIRA and have found it to be a pretty positive experience so far.  The programmer (if that's the correct title) looking at the issue made a couple of suggestions and I've actually been using a version of the approach for a while.  I'm not surprised that his immediate reaction was not to redesign the new settings - I'm sure it's been a lot of work and if it was me I wouldn't want to start all over again.  I don't know what if anything will be changed so let me tell you the workaround I've been using.

The basic workaround is to just minimize the Environment Settings window while I'm taking photos.  Don't save the changes because the window will close and you'll have to start again to make any additional tweaks.  Don't close the window because your changes won't be in effect without a "save".  This has involved some retraining on my part - it's not my usual approach.  But again, I'm an adult and I can adapt. sigh

I forsee lots of yelling though because, for those like me not used to doing it this way, it will take a while to realize that the workaround is the "design" option for temporary changes.  I'd prefer to be included in the set of use cases for all viewer changes but that's probably a little unreasonable.  Now if I could only remember that.  :)

The Dark Swamp (general)


▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

Honour, I wanted to reassure you that you're being heard, THANK YOU for filing that JIRA. I've had similar vibes I've been sharing at LL.

Oh, and did you try the additional workaround of show/hide the UI which I described in STORM-1525? It reminds me of some games with minimal/no UI (like Myst!), where I can get a clear, exploratory view of the world.

Happy shooting!

Honour McMillan said...

@Torley I'm going to try that show/hide workaround and I'm going to check out the foot pedals too. Thank you so much!