Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wherein Second Life makes me Scream like a 13 year old Girl - Papermakis

Papermakis by Romy Nayar  (moderate)

The words I use on this blog post will provide the usual staid, boring, moderately adult type of description that you are used to reading from me.  In my head though I sound like a 13 year old girl screaming "OMG, OMG, OMG! You HAVE to SEE this!".  I am a long way from 13 and do not gush (well not normally) but I really want you to listen to her and go visit this new art installation.  The more mature me will try and provide some background and helpful information in a manner more consistent with the dull individual you know but, OMG!

MetaLES is a homestead which hosts art installations - each lasting approximately one month.  Last month it was work by Bryn Oh and next it will host new work by Maya Paris.  Until August 7th though you can have the pleasure of experiencing an astounding piece by Romy Nayar.  This is an art installation with performance components - and you are part of the performance.

Papermakis by Romy Nayar  (moderate)

Romy has created the world of the Papermakis.  I received two major assists in navigating this world - the first was the notecard which is written in Romy's native Spanish but provides an English translation.  It reveals that every time a drop of ink touches a piece of paper a tree is created which gives life to a Papermaki.  These are a curious and fun loving life form - each of them knows only the letter used to create their tree but in concert they complete words and sentences.  A very social group of beings - they need each other to make sense of the world.

I received invaluable help as well from Maya Paris.  She sent me an im to find out if I had visited this installation yet and I replied I was already there but confused. (not a state foreign to me unfortunately)  Maya helped me find the landing spot I should have used and explained how to get my own Papermaki av - it's important that you not scare them by appearing different from the life forms they expect.  That is Maya on the left in the top photograph explaining how to click on the box to receive my av and then use the chair to teleport down to their world once I was suitably disguised.

A word of advice here.  The av comes to you in parts and they aren't together in a folder.  If you're smart (and I wasn't when I first got them) you'll put them all, including the skin and shape, into your own folder and then use it to "replace" your current outfit.  If you don't do that you'll be adding bits and pieces and then having to detach all extraneous attachments you might have had on.  However you approach it though make sure you wear this av.  It will add enormously to your enjoyment of the installation and make it possible for you to interact with the delightful Papermakis.

Papermakis by Romy Nayar  (moderate)

The photo above shows both "native" Papermakis and two outsiders.  The individual on the far left in the distance is the artist Romy Nayar.  One of the group interacting in the foreground is Ux Hax, a co-owner of Perf4mance ..O.., the group which operates this art space.  The animations and interactions are superb.  In addition to the more traditional ability to sit on objects and be part of the scene, you will also be able to use the animations to become part of the Papermaki society (in an undercover, surreptitious manner).

One of the joys of this installation is the sound.  Turn off your streaming media and make sure your sound effects are enabled.  What you hear will be as quirky and charming as the culture you are exploring and essential to your understanding of their world.

Papermakis by Romy Nayar  (moderate)

It is true that I've been banned from using any type of inworld vehicle on most parts of the grid.  But nobody told the Papermakis!  There's a group joiner when you first enter their space and I was grateful because this is a group I certainly want to follow.  As a side benefit of joining you can click on the object and rez a car just perfect for your new form.  What a blast!  The sound effects on this little beauty luckily don't include crashes so I'm hoping nobody noticed the inevitable result of putting me behind the wheel of anything which requires steering.  I'm sure the dents I created were only temporary.

I tried different windlight settings in the Papermaki world and finally settled on Torley's Puur - you will of course find your own preferred background.  :)

One last note - the Papermaki love to party.  Make sure you click on things as  you explore - you might get lucky enough to join them.  They really are adorable, fun loving and social beings.  We are very very lucky to get this glimpse into their world.

Papermakis by Romy Nayar  (moderate)


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