Thursday, July 7, 2011

Murder, Madness & Sex Beds in Second Life

Alice: Madness Returns (adult)

I surfaced from my post SL8B attempts to get my physical world in order (apparently it's a bad thing when the small dog gets lost in the overgrown lawn) and thought that I'd go back to exploring the grid.  People occasionally send me suggestions for locations to visit, and I appreciate that, so when I saw a message from sweet, innocent, demure Uccie I thought I'd check out her suggestion.

I was a little startled to see this was an Adult site but then started to remember a few Uccie - related incidents (I don't want to talk about the flamingo, I don't even want to remember the flamingo) and decided some caution would have been smart.  But having arrived this intrepid explorer continued on.

Alice: Madness Returns (adult)

It occurs to me that Second Life has a lot in common with Midsommer County or St. Mary Mead - we have a very high per capita murder rate.  Not even taking into consideration the shootem/killem games or military types inworld, there seems to be an alarming number of murderous types roaming around the grid.

In this case the build is based on The Game Alice: Madness Returns.  I received that information when I arrived so my expectation was that I would be reporting on a game build.  By the time I finished my coffee I had realized my error and promised myself to do some research first on any suggestions for exploration I might receive in the future.  At least then I'd be somewhat prepared. :)

Alice: Madness Returns (adult)

I need to point out that even in the midst of my confusion as to the purpose I did recognize that this is a tremendous build.  It is, I'm sure, faithful to the spirit and characters of the game although visitors expecting to see representations of a favourite story from their childhood might be a bit startled.  I mean even a teapot looks evil and, as unappealing as those soldiers are, what the giant Alice does to them is not an example of the behaviour you'd expect from a child.

I stumbled over one apparently benign scene in the midst of the mayhem.  I didn't examine it too closely because I wanted to cling to the illusion that at least something would provide me with sanctuary should the bloody path of Alice's adventure become too much.  A caterpillar would be safe, right?

Alice: Madness Returns (adult)

"Why" you might be asking yourself, as was I, is this site rated Adult?  Certainly murderous individuals and evil deeds don't usually require more than "mature".  The answer is that this is actually the extraordinary setting for a group of stores.  Or one store with products in it from multiple sources.

FireStarter DesiGns, Xstaxy, and Tiger Paw sell adult wares.  I didn't examine them too closely but can report that (according to the signs) the sex beds are Xcite compatible.  As a shopping environment this is far superior to the usual mall and it's certainly a reason to go check out the goods on offer - particularly if you're in the market for that type of thing.  I'm not but I'm glad I went to visit even if it's going to be a long time before I forget that Cheshire Cat.  Somehow I can't imagine Stephen Fry's voice coming out of this beast.

Alice: Madness Returns (adult)


Uccie Poultry said...

"sweet, innocent, demure" ???

Now about these slanderous comments ...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. It is a great build and lots of fun to explore. The freebies at the entrance are nice, too. I plan on going back and doing a feature myself, but I always enjoy your writings on the artistic side of Our World.

Honour McMillan said...

@Uccie LOL <3

Hybie Mynx said...

WOW! What a fantastic sim!!! I must go check this out!