Saturday, October 4, 2008

Burning Life 2008 - Burning the Man

Sometimes you just get really lucky - I called up Burning Life on the map thinking I might go for a quick visit and saw all these green dots - but they weren't at the main stage. So I tp'ed in to take a look and heard Philip Linden shout hello to everyone. I figured I'd better stick around. :) Good thing too - they were Burning the Man!

Torley has done a great video (well duh) of Burning the Man.

Tomorrow they will be burning the temple - this is from the Burning Life website:

Temple Burn - Sunday October 5th at ???? (not sure yet)
The temple is located here: Surely bound to be an amazing event with copious amounts of hedonistic dancing and music. A must for letting down your hair and dropping you clothing. I bet you always wanted to show off that customer skin... so now is the time.I hope to see some of you over there for the final couple of days events.

You'll have to check on the website or with SL to get the final schedule.

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