Sunday, October 5, 2008

Drama - fizzled

So I was ready to make a stand. I avoid drama like the plague - but I felt very strongly. I wasn't going to blog about it - first because you just get slammed if you post an unpopular opinion and the issue gets ignored; second because it seemed like a "private" issue within the group. So I posted my concerns in the group's forum. A few others also posted similar concerns (and to be fair I wasn't first so it's not like I was the trail blazer).

There was no response to the concerns in the forum. I understand there was some discussion in the group yesterday, but I was at work and missed it.

I decided that posting no comments about our concerns (never mind actually considering them) was a comment in itself. Therefore, I would leave the group. But I would make a "statement" as I exited.

I went back to the forum and said what I just said about there being no comment in response to our concerns. Then I quoted JellyBean Madison and said "kkthnxnbai". I thought that made a nice short, yet dramatic, exit line.

Then I removed myself from the Ning.

Turns out, when you remove yourself from a Ning - everything you ever did, said, posted etc. gets erased. Including short, yet dramatic, exit lines.



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