Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrating a RL Birthday - Wrath Paine

So a long time ago my friend Wrath did a really great blog post - and in the middle somewhere he revealed that his rl avatar (or whatever we call him) has a birthday on October 17! Well I made a note of the date and planned to celebrate it somehow. Of course Wrath will actually get to partake - his rl avatar will just have to enjoy it vicariously, but what the heck.

Just when I was trying to decide how to acknowledge the event - I met Punky Hatfield of Inspiration Cakes - (that's just one of her locations). Wrath's rl avatar had recently posted an image that really spoke to him - that's it at the top of this post. So I gave a copy to Punky and she incorporated it into the cake.

But she didn't stop there - she made a more life size wall appropriate version for him as well. I figure he'll spend hours on the couch, sitting, staring, eating double chocolate cake, dreaming ............. Well he's a grown boy. I can't tell him how to spend his time! :)

I was going to just leave them somewhere in his office tower - but it could take him forever to find them. So I'll probably just pass them to him before he logs on with an appropriately off key rendition of "Happy Birthday". :)


Jeff said...

So that's how you knew my birthday was today!! LOL I was like, odd, I don't normally celebrate my birthday, so why would I have told anyone last year that it was my birthday? Damn that blog, I knew it would be my downfall some day! ;)

And can I just say, you do AWESOME birthday/rezz day gift giving!! Just amazing.

I can not wait to log in and check it out, now - thank you so much !!

Though, we might want to discuss your singing abilities should you happen to remember my birthday again next year. ;)

Honour McMillan said...

well dang - I thought it was supposed to be offkey! I'll look around for a surrogate singer you might appreciate. Wonder if Morrissey is available?

Anonymous said...

omg what an awesome cake/pressie.. *hangs head in shame cause she forgotted and wonders what a tree hugging elf could possible give Mr. Tree hugger himself*

Honour McMillan said...

just guessing - but if you gave him a hug he'd probably give you some cake:)