Thursday, October 23, 2008

SL is Doomed!

I don't usually read JIRA reports - and I don't want to over react - but here are just a couple of the comments on this JIRA:

Ever since the release of 1.21 many prims in SL now are round and orange with faces on them. They were not there before. Many places I know well now have some prims like this. Seems like maybe one in ten prims in SL are now suffering from this bug.
I am furious that Linden Labs can release a viewer with such an obvious rendering bug.

Soft Linden - 21/Oct/08 02:18 PM This is a known regression in our sculptie texture encoding, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Owing to the use of macro block encoding, organics with indentations at regular intervals - as with the segments of a pumpkin - can line up with the macro sample points and create a false range of interpolation for the intermediate sections' batherskite subsample prattle table. In the most degenerate cases, generally occurring around the belt of the organic, this can result in symmetrically cut or dimpled sections not unlike the recesses of a power outlet or, amusingly in this case, a face. As a workaround, you're encouraged to upload any yam, gourd or pumpkin-like sculptie textures using an older 1.19 viewer, or to ask others for texture that may have been uploaded prior to this breakage. We're estimating that a server side fix for the majority of these cases will roll shortly after October 31 - the remaining cases will require manual intervention.

Vektor Linden - As soon as I can get a solid repro for this, I'll import it ASAP. So far this has me completely puzzled - This could be a problem if it isn't addressed by midnight on October 31st.
If your content is becoming small, orange and rounded, and ESPECIALLY if a face appears on it, please drop a copy of it on my profile so that I can figure out what is happening. If we don't squash this bug soon, I'll go out of my gourd. At the very least, we can look for good pie recipes.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I have noticed this phenomenon myself - no matter WHERE I am in SL, I seem to find pumpkin particles. It's disillusioning that in this day and age, it will take soooo many days for this issue to be resolved! :)