Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ghost People

I've been working when I can on those three open spaces - only managed some minimal terraforming so far. So there's nothing on them - no interest. Maybe one of the horseback riders might want to run around or something - but there's nothing there to attract people. This would lead most people to conclude that the traffic on these islands would be low to zero. That's true for two of them.

The open space I mentioned before, with the map image that seems to indicate it has buildings, has had traffic numbers ranging from 140 to 287. ?????

I was on this island a couple of days ago with a friend - we were looking at my terraformer. I didn't mention the other green dot - but he did. He noted the location was under the water and that the person stayed ghosted. I've seen them before - 1 or 2 at a time - so far 3 different names. They've all joined SL about the same time - a year or so ago. None of them have anything written in their profiles. I didn't want to mention it cause I thought I was being paranoid.

I used to use a tower on the mainland as my home - I would see a Ruth appear in the air outside my tower a number of times a day. Not always the same Ruth - it would cycle through 15 different names. All having joined about the same time - none of them with anything in their profiles. Always exactly the same location - always Ruth. This went on for months. I tried approaching some of them but they would disappear if I did. Seemed very odd.

Particularly when the same Ruths starting appearing next to my garden on the mainland. Different region - no logical connection. Same 15 Ruths - perched in the air in the same location. That made me worry that I was developing some mental issues. :) It's one of the reasons I finally sold my land and bought an island.

The friend who was with me and saw my little ghost has been in SL much longer than me. He's a mentor - he's not unfamiliar with things here. He thinks it's very strange. So I've decided it's not me. It's them. Whoever they are. :) mmmm good time of year to write a ghost story eh?

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Anonymous said...

Oooer! Creepy! Now looking for ghostly Ruths!