Friday, October 17, 2008

Second Life - Bad Dream?

I spent the morning working on a commission and when I was done I flew around just checking things out and saw this. All of my fountains had acquired a bright red circle in the middle. Huh? I'm think "How the ?" and "How long"?

Luckily I was still chatting in IM to my friend/client and she offered to tp over to check - and sure enough she tells me they all look perfectly normal to her. No red circles. Good thing she checked - I would have spent hours fixing them! Instead I just logged out.

I assume when I go back things will look normal............I hope.

Update: I logged back in and saw this.

Guess I'll try deleting my cache..................sigh

Update: I deleted my cache, downloaded the new viewer, logged in and both kinds of fountains were now red. Turns out my beacons were turned on. But they were only highlighting some of the scripted water - I mean if all of the scripted water had turned red I would have figured it out. So it's still strange frankly. But it's fixed. :)

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