Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Burn 2 - Altitude and Free Lunch

I've been psyching myself up for this challenge all week. Today I got up early, had a healthy breakfast and headed inworld to the Guitar God's Commandments by first time builder Larree Quixote. Some mental preparation was required (at least on my part, this not a young avatar) because Larree has generously provided us with a 200m climb up a mountain. Make sure you have the music turned on - the sound track is fun and keeps you going!

When you make it to the top you'll find a combination chapel/fan club/dance venue and, luckily for me, pews to rest on after all that exertion. :)

Once I had recovered I did a bit more exploring and found this great campsite by Aamira Aeon - Experience the First Manned Flights.

Based on the pioneering work by german engineer Otto Lilienthal Aamira gives you the opportunity to glide above Burn2. Fabulous! This is very very cool. Takes a toll on your arm muscles though - I may be too old for all this.

I decided to go visit the camp site of another first time builder to take some time to relax and rebuild my strength. Zipper Moomintoog has created the Spirit House, a series of connected rooms which rise up into the air. In each room you have a chance to greet/meet/face the spirits from a different culture or belief.

Somehow I found myself wrestling with demons. I was already exhausted so I didn't manage to put up much of a fight but I'm sure you'll do better! :)

Just as I was thinking I couldn't go on I saw a sign proclaiming Free Lunch ....... finally a chance to sit down.

Bar Tenk was actually there and tending his lunch counter (you meet the nicest people at Burn2). He took care of me and let me crash on his sofa. Be sure to thank him when you go!

Once again, check out the Burn2 Calendar and give yourself some time to explore. You won't regret it!

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