Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Noam Chomsky in Second Life

I said at the event, with a fair amount of hyperbole, that if listening to Professor Noam Chomsky speak was to be the only thing I got out of 3.5 years in Second Life ..... it was worth it. I can remember being a linguistics student *cough* decades ago and waiting in an auditorium for him to give a guest lecture. If anything, I was more excited to hear him today. And he did not disappoint.

The discussion ranged from bio-fuels to language. I think most of us wanted more emphasis on language but maybe next time. :) He did say he'd come back!

Thank you to Dusan Writer, Beyers Sellers, all of the fabulous team at Metanomics, the satellite sites in SL and TreetTV. It was a terrific experience.

You'll be able to watch a video of Professors Chomsky and Sellers on the TreetTV site. I'm very grateful that technology has progressed to the point I could sit within meters of his avatar today...of course I couldn't see him except on the screen next to the stage but that's just part of the charm of SL (hence the photo of a video image rather than the inworld avatar). There's always a glitch but I don't care, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

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