Monday, October 18, 2010

Burn2 - Friends in the Desert

Burn2 the festival has created a magical temporary city in the middle of nowhere. There are way too many wonders and delights contained in its streets and alleys for me to tell you about everything but I'm going to keep trying to tell you about some.

Today I went to visit the builds of three friends. They are good examples of the diverse pockets of magic you'll find as you explore this amazing landscape.

My friend Raul Crimson is an artist. His builds are always thoughtful and thought provoking and this year he has outdone himself. Water is a big issue in the desert (we'll return to that theme again) and to the world at large.

You have to spend some time examining what he has created - it is elegant in its intricacy and shows you in beautiful detail the source of our water supply and how we use it.

He has also parked two semi trailers full of useful information on the topic. Walk through to get a crash course on this vital resource.

My friend Dale Innis calls his campsite The Ten Thousand Things:

The way that can be trodden is not the eternal way.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.
The named is the mother of the ten thousand things.

You'll find at least that number of things to do, combined with gifts to take, available there - he has more freebies than half the rest of the playa put together. :)

I did notice something interesting in the background when I took this shot of his build. I'm sure it's purely coincidence that he's located next to the Lamplighters' camp.

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with naked women. Notice that there is obviously a class system at Burn2. The LampLighters have this amazing BathHouse.

The rest of us will have to make do with SeanMcPherson Senior's pool. But think carefully before you try it. I'm certain my skin wasn't black/green and yellow before I got in. Sharing it with a dead animal and the resultant flies might have something to do with my transformation.

I think I'll hide out at his Playa Summer Camp - Dirty But Wet until the colour rubs off. Then I'll go get my shots.

I've loved every minute at Burn2 so far and I expect that to continue. There will be something very special in tomorrow's post - do try to come back for that. :)

In the meantime, remember to check out the Burn2 Calendar and go exploring.


SeanMcPherson Senior said...

A bunch of dirty Burner hippies must have been in that water; it was clean when camp opened! Well, cleanish, at least. And that Raccoon is *definitely* MOOP! I'll get right on that...

One day this week, time and server load/capacity permitting, I expect we'll be desert canoeing :)

Raul Crimson said...

Oh, thanks for the comments about my camp, and great work with all this posts about Burn2, Honour! (cozy)

Dale Innis said...

Yay, thanks for coming by, and for these great posts. RL is so insane just now I'm not going to be able to spend as much time taking in the builds as I'd like to; so it makes me very happy to be able to read about other people who are, and are generous enough to share!