Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burn2 - I Go Up & the Temple Burns

Yesterday I went to the Man Burn with an arc of 100 - luckily I have those alpha.tribe skins which allow me to go naked without feeling naked. :) It turns out their mohawks are low prim so I was able to feel dressed today while having an arc of about 700. I was still virtuous however and wore absolutely nothing scripted .... who needs an ao to watch something right?

I had time before the Temple Burn to do two quick trips I've been meaning to experience. The first is a ride in a Montgolfier Balloon brought to us by Aamira Aeon at the build where I found my glider - Experience the First Manned Flights. What a great ride!

For something with more speed I went to the Society for the Advancement of Human Powered Space Flight exhibit by Lauston Oh. I had seen this big red spaceship parked on the playa and finally had time to go inside. Um, there was a launch button.

The Spaceship headed upwards very very fast and eventually docked at this platform way up in the sky. I got off to explore and the ship left me there ........ all I could find was this diving board. I'll spare you the gruesome details but I will say it's a good thing pixels are hardy little buggers.

I finally got back to the Temple in time for the Burn (and before the sim filled up). Wizard Gynoid and scripter Nur Ophuls (with contributors / collaborators Artistide Depres, Soror Nishi, Brinda Allen, Miso Susanowa and Desdemona Enfield) gifted us with a 30 minute display of art and colour and the most amazing pyrotechnics I've ever seen inworld.

I took dozens and dozens of photos but concluded that nothing I can show you will adquately convey the wonder of what we saw.

I can't help but show you some and wish you had all been there to share this experience.

The flames and breaking glass and fireworks with flower particles were jaw droppingly amazing.

At its conclusion the LampLighters and Drummers came out and much dancing and celebration ensued. Congratulations to both Burn Teams - they did a fabulous job.

I will have some concluding comments about Burn2 tomorrow but it is important to note that the playa will be open to visitors for the next 6 days. So if you haven't gone, or haven't seen everything you wanted to, you still have that opportunity. Right now there's more dancing to be done. :)

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